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Try Before Buy

Safe Reliability

Try-Before-Buy is a hiring method in which you can bring potential employees in on a trial, contract basis so that you can evaluate (“try”) their skills and performance before committing to hiring (“buying”) them “direct” or full-time. If the candidate doesn’t work out, you can simply end the contract assignment and try someone else. In the Try-Before-Buy arrangement, Elgebra will find you the right candidate, deploy the candidate at your site and then transfer it to you if you like the candidate. Benefits include:

• No commitment to a full-time hire until the candidate has proven his/herself and skills
• Quicker hiring process: Save money during the trial period (employer taxes, benefits contributions, etc.) paid by back-office. You only pay for hours worked.
• Opportunity to establish whether candidate is a “cultural fit”
• Minimize your recruitment risks
• Need new staff right now but unsure you’ve found exactly the right person for the job?
• Our model gives you both the time to get to know each other, before you tie the knot. It’s the perfect way to meet your short-term needs and, if both sides agree, gain a trusted long-term employee. 

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