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Employers are struggling to fill entry-level vacancies, despite the fact that there are 75 million unemployed young people worldwide. A new survey conducted by the group says employers struggle with a lack of skills among graduates of academic and vocational courses, particularly for medium and high-skilled jobs, such as teaching and medicine. 

Job Creation in the Local Economy

The shortage of workers in skilled jobs could reach 85 million by 2020, according report by McKinsey. The survey revealed that just 42 percent of employers believed young people were adequately skilled. Farrell said the education to employment system was not working properly and the mismatch between. CEOs around the world are struggling to find enough scientific and technical talent to fuel their organizations.

Bridge the Gap

The issue of talent is consistently a top CEO concern and the market for specialized skills is extremely competitive. At Elgebra we have created our unique process and methodology to bridge the gap between Corporate expectations and skill sets of educated but unemployed people. We believe that our commitment to this cause will create right opportunities for all involved.