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Elgebra offers unique managed services PMO models (both onsite and mixed) that allow you not only to have the team you need, but also operate at the cost level that you decide and only pay for the effort you consume. 

PMO Services

Program & Project Growth

Elgebra does not see your PMO needs as a search and fulfill need. We completely understand that your PMO will be the drivers of your projects and programs.

-Whether you need project or program managers to drive your key initiatives Elgebra is your partner of choice. We follow a rigorous evaluation approach to identify the right candidates for you.
-Business Analysts: Elgebra can help you find the right talent to support your BA needs, irrespective of the domain you are looking at.
-Elgebra can also help you program manage your vendors operating remotely out of India, Phillipines, China etc. We set up local PMOs to physically and remotely oversee the vendor operations, performance etc. This provides you with unprecedented transparency and visibility at a very little incremental cost. 

We can help

Experience the magnitude of success personalized services can make for your business. Increase customer rentention across fierce global markets.