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Build your career with us.

Do you have a passion for making a difference in Individual’s life, corporate business goals achievement, war veterans, and innovating every day? If yes, you have come to the right place. We are looking for dedicated and talented individuals who want to be part of Elgebra’s mission. If you have it in you, then we are looking for you. Please send your resume to Elgebra Operations -

For Individuals

At Elgebra, we provide individuals who are from any generation and also our war veterans, the help to build successful professional career by helping them acquire the optimal combination of core and content skills, leveraging their learnability.

There is a strong demand of right talent in corporate and government sector and we believe that with our unique approach we can re-skill you for higher value as needed by the companies. The program at Elgebra is designed using the optimal combination of skills where emphasis is given on self-transformation, overall personality development, communication, life skills, technical training and software development program etc. This enables the individuals who are graduates, engineers or MBAs get meaningful jobs and become productive from the first day of their job.

We work in collaboration with a network of multi-national companies, who are ready to hire individuals who have gone through the training program at Elgebra. The requirement and eligibility criteria of these companies vary from time to time, depending on the market situation. However the demand for workplace skills like communication, ability to work in teams, professionalism, interpersonal skills, impression management, tolerance for ambiguity, critical thinking, ownership and commitment at work are always in demand. We also run custom programs for our corporate clients for specific skill augmentation and these courses provide individuals much higher chances of opportunity to work with these clients.

Elgebra also provides an opportunity for hands on experience in programming languages for fresh graduates who are looking for an entry level jobs. For the individuals seeking a good start in the IT industry, our offering enables you to get started in various areas like development, QA (combination of Quality Engineering and Quality Control), DBA, Maintenance & Support etc.

We take you through a job-oriented and overall skill-enhancement program where you will:

• Learn technology – J2EE / Dot Net + Databases

• Get practical exposure by going through all the phases of the SDLC (software development lifecycle)

• Develop your behavioral / soft skills including business communication, presentation skills, interpersonal effectiveness, professionalism, interview    skills, impression management, etc.

• Utilize extensive mock interviews

• Receive a job offering

For Corporates

At Elgebra, we understand the need of talent management and work closely with our clients to address their challenges. We have created specific intervention programs and models like Re-skill for Higher Value', Right Talent on Demand' and 'Try Before you Buy' which we believe provides our clients the required flexibility and agility.

Corporates are getting increasingly challenged as the quality of talent supply is showing a southward trend, resulting in an ever-widening gap between their demands and their ability to fulfill. Today’s approach to skill development is suboptimal as not much is done to enhance the consultative skills as most of the focus is on the content skills (technology, process and maybe, domain) and minimal on core skills like tolerance for ambiguity, change management, flexibility, pro-activeness, coping ability, relationship building which are essential for a professional to optimally conceptualize and successfully execute in high value projects. The right focus on core skills with appropriate content skills to deftly apply the learnings to achieve the project objectives is key to success. 

The right focus on core skills with appropriate content skills to deftly apply the learnings to achieve the project objectives is key to success. Our corporate partners can simply receive their "Right Talent on Demand" by simply-

• Searching open positions

• Submiting a profile